GALIWATER Solar Power Solution / Services

GALIWATER has vast experience in designing and installing a wide range of Solar energy power options to a broad client base from domestic, institutional and corporate sectors. We provide reliable and cost effective solutions to all energy challenges and do so with a primary focus on maintaining our high level of service provision.

With in-house staff of engineers, designers, installers and maintenance team, we specialize in:

  • Detailed site surveys: We work with you about their (potential future) power needs and combines this with a detailed evaluation of the site.
  • Designing Solar Systems : Based on the site evaluation our skilled designers develop a system which is reliable, cost effective and fit for the job.
  • Supply of Solar Equipment: We utilize our extensive network of suppliers to source the high quality components from highly reputable and established manufacturers.
  • Installation: Our installation Teams are experienced, highly competent and go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Repair and maintenance: Power Providers offers service and maintenance services in support of our installed systems ensuring a long, trouble free, lifetime.
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